Hairpiece Repair

If you run a salon or a hair replacement center and you have an influx of hairpieces that need repair, why not send it all to us to fix everything?

You business absolutely can, for one flat fee of *$40 per hairpiece, for ANY COMBINATION of maintenance and repair.  That’s right, ANY COMBINATION of maintenance and repair!  For example, that means you can re-coat your customers’ poly, repair a tear, and adjust hair density (among other things) all for $40!  See our hair repair & maintenance list below and take advantage of this great offer now!

  • One flat fee
  • Turnaround time of 30 days
  • We only use premium hair for all our repairs
  • Experience & accuracy on your repairs
  • Customer service!  If your order doesn’t make sense we’ll call you.
    Download Repair Form

hairpiece repair
Step 1 – Fill out the Form for Repair or Maintenance
hairpiece repair
Step 2 – Package the Hairpiece with the order form
hairpiece repair
Step 3 – Ship it to
New Hair Factory
hairpiece repair
Wait 4 to 5 Weeks to Receive the Repaired Hairpiece
That’s it!  Easy as one, two, three!
Reconditioning Services
Deep Cleaning
Thorough base cleaning to remove all adhesive residue and hair wash by hand.
Deep Conditioning
Thorough hair conditioned by hand.
Clorox-based extreme hair detangling and comb-thru.
Replace Clips
Removal and/or repair of existing clips or sew in new clips.
Hair Services
Hair Add
Adding hair to replace shedding or increase density.
Add Gray Percentage
Increase the level or intensity of gray hairs.
Remove Density
Thinning out thicker density hair systems.
Bleach Knots
Bleaching or re-bleaching knots on underside of system.
Base Repair Services
Lace Front Repair
Repair lace fronts on an existing base system.
Tear Repair
Re-stitch or mend torn base materials.
Re-Coat Poly
Painting or re-coating polyurethane layers.

* Minimum order is 50 pieces per month to qualify. If less than 50, please checkout the “end-user hair repair support” provided by our sister company in Los Angeles, New Hair System